The Gimble Jebediah Windwalker Memorial Academy of the Art and Sciences

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Founded by its Dr. President, Bimdle Windwalker, in DR 1374, The Academy is intended to provide an educational haven for those who have been shunned by their scholarly peers (or who have been driven out of various settlements with torches and pitchforks). Dr. President Windwalker personally inscribed the Academy’s mission statement upon the ground in the main library. In old Gnomish script, it reads:

“Fear not the fire, for ever has it fueled the most glorious creations of our days! Dare to dream! To Leap! To blast caution to the wind, and boldly go where no Gnome has gone before!”

At present, the Academy is housed fully within the basement of Overwatch Keep, under the protection of the Lord Warden.

The GJWMAAS is organized into three separate (though “cooperative”) colleges, as follows:

The College of Chemistry, Biology & Alchemy.

The College of Architecture, Engineering & Advanced Weaponry.

The College of the Art

Within each college, the students and faculty are rated and ranked based on their scholastic aptitude, experience, and inventiveness. The ranks are ordered as follows, from least to most prestigious:

Associate (Yellow Robes)
Bachelor (Green Robes)
Master (Blue Robes)
Doctor (Purple Robes)
Associate Professor (Red Robes)
Senior Professor (Black Robes)

The Academy’s members are never required to wear their robes; however, it is encouraged that they be worn while attending important meetings or while representing the Academy in the presence of outsiders (or while visiting a foreign organization).

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Split into three groups of specialists/fields of study:

Group 1) Alchemists – 45 1st levels, 4 2nd levels, 2 3rd level, 2 4th levels, and 1 6th level.

Class: Expert.
Class skills: Appraise, Craft(Alchemy), Deciper Script, Knowledge(Nature), Knowledge(Local – High Forest), Profession(Scribe), Concentration, Heal, Knowledge(Geography).
Starting feat: Skill focus: Craft(Alchemy).

Current primary objective: Produce large quantities of Alchemist’s Fire and Acid.
Current secondary objective: Develop a substance capable of rapidly eroding granite to assist with mining efforts.

Group 2) Engineers – 45 1st levels, 4 2nd levels, 3 3rd levels, 2 4th levels, and 1 6th level.

Class: Expert.
Class skills: Craft(Trapmaking), Craft(Siege Weaponry), Craft(Carpentry), Craft(Metalworking), Knowledge(Architecture & Engineering), Profession(Engineer), Craft(Locksmithing), Thievery, Craft(Masonry).
Starting feat: Skill focus: Craft(Siege Weaponry)

Current primary objective: Develop a containment system that would allow a trebuchet or catapault to safely launch a large amount of Alchemist’s Fire or Acid at large groups of enemy combatants.
Current secondary objective: Routine inspection/repair of the various keep structures, as well as the pumping station upstream.

Additionally, the majority of the college’s students will spend their time on rotating patrol-and-repair missions, accompanied by either Quicksilver or Blade company. The goal of these missions will be the upkeep of the newly constructed outposts along the road between Overwatch and the down-river settlement. The team for each mission will be composed of 5 1st level students, and 1 2nd or 3rd level student. Each team will be equipped with light armor, light maces, light crossbows, and a set of equipment including two mules, a cart, tools, antitoxins, and smokesticks (see 2nd purchase below for details).

Group 3) Arcane Scholars – 45 1st levels, 5 2nd levels, 2 3rd levels, and 2 5th levels.

Class: Expert.
Class skills: Decipher Script, Knowledge(Arcana), Knowledge(The Planes), Knowledge(History), Knowledge(Religion), Knowledge(Nobility), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device, Profession(Scribe).
Starting feat: Skill focus: Knowledge(Arcana).

Current primary objective: Acquire as much information (preferably arcane in nature) as possible related to the High Forest. In particular, look for locations of ruins, old crypts, dens of magical beasts, etc.
Current secondary objective: Study both theoretical and practical arcane subjects directly related to the implementation of magical defenses for the keep. Make note of estimated costs, specific spellcasting capabilities required, and likely sources for the necessary materials.

Initial purchase from FXI:
Chalk(1000 pieces) – 10g
Ink(1oz vials)(100 vials) – 800g
Ink Pen(100 pens) – 10g
Paper(100 sheets) – 400g
Antitoxin(10 vials) – 500g
Masterwork Engineer’s Tools(25 sets) – 1375g
Magnifying Glass(5 glasses) – 500g
Hourglass(5 glasses) – 125g
Merchant’s Scale(10 scales) – 20g
Spell Component Pouch(25 pouches) – 125g
Masterwork Thieves’ Tools(5 sets) – 500g
Spyglass(4 glasses) – 4000g
Empty Flask(1000 flasks) – 30g
Empty Barrel(100 barrels) – 100g
Refined Iron(1000 lbs) – 100g
Oak Timbers(1000 lbs) – 100g
Ruby Dust(100 doses) – 5000g
Powdered Jade(20 doses) – 2000g

Total: 15,695 Gold
With 50% Discount: 7,847g, 50s.

Additional purchase (from the remainder of Bimdle’s share of the Emerald money):
Small Studded Leather (30 suits) – 750g**
Small Chain Shirt (6 suits) – 600g**
30 Small “Light Maces” (hefty iron wrenches) – 150g**
6 Small Masterwork “Light Maces” (hefty ornamented steel wrenches) – 1830g**
36 Small Light Crossbows – 1260g**
7200 Small Crossbow Bolts – 720g**
Smokestick reagents (36 batches) – 360g**
Artisan’s Tools (30 sets) – 150g**
Masterwork Artisan’s Tools (6 sets) – 330g**
12 Mules – 96g**
12 Saddlebags – 48g**
6 Carts – 90g**
Antitoxin Reagants (36 batches) – 900g**
12 Crowbars – 24g**
12 Sledgehammers – 12g**
Caltrops (60 sets) – 60g**
Scholar’s Outfit (163 – 135 Yellow, 13 Green, 7 Blue, 4 Purple, 2 Red, 2 Black) – 815g

**Denotes equipment to be used by the patrolling repair teams.

Total: 8,195g
-25% discount: 6146g,25s.

Remaining 5,354g will be given to Shim to spend on resupplying the Academy as he sees fit (i.e. more flasks, chalk, parchment, reagents, etc.)


The Gimble Jebediah Windwalker Memorial Academy of the Art and Sciences

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