Sub-level Two

The second sub-level of the compound consists of two independent sections separated by fifteen feet of solid granite at the narrowest gap; both are connected to the floor above by spiral staircases.

The main section consists of two hallways: one leading toward the vault and another leading toward the prison cells.

The hallway leading toward the vault is concealed by an Illusory Wall, causing it to appear to be a solid granite wall. Behind the illusion is a series of doorways and narrow halls with a guard post in between. The vault lies at the end of the set of hallways, and is sealed by an iron door equipped with an amazing adamantium lock (hardness 25, 40 hp, open lock dc 40). The vault itself is surrounded first by three inches of lead, then six inches of iron, then a minimum of ten feet of solid granite. The vault is primarily used to store the Book and Blade’s possessions and the more valuable materials produced by the mine.

The hallway leading toward the prison cells splits into two paths: one is a door leading to a guard post and a few jail cells. The other is a hallway concealed by another Illusory Wall, also appearing to be solid granite. Behind the illusion, the hallway leads to the headquarters of the Advanced Interrogation Division of The Inquisition of the Greater Waterdeep Area. This area contains two interrogation rooms, two offices, additional prison cells, and several solitary confinement cells.

The other section of this level contains a large laboratory that services the needs of the students of The Gimble Jebediah Windwalker Memorial Academy of the Art and Sciences.

Sub-level Two

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