The Foundation is the supreme law of any city that joins the Allied Cities. It establishes the four bodies of Government, the methods of determining city limits, the rights of citizens and the sentient, what armed forces are to be maintained, and inter-city commerce laws.

The Senate is the largest government body, one hundred democratically elected citizens. They establish laws within the bounds of the city, determine who is considered a citizen of the city, give approval on plans to expand the city limits and which professions join the Guild. It has the power to remove a profession from the Guild.

The Guild is the second largest body. It is a technocracy split into professions whose members elect citizens to join it. Each profession has a single voting executive elected by members of that profession. This individual must demonstrably be the most skilled member of the profession. Any construction to be performed in the city, as well as expansion plans for the city limits must be approved by a full vote of the Guild.

The Governor is a single citizen elected by a majority vote of the citizenry. This single person is elected as the Commander of the Red Cloaks and the Rangers. He is responsible for enforcing adherence to the Foundation by the other bodies of Government and of the internal laws by the citizenry. He maintains the city ledger and holds the cities only external vote.

The Lady is the architect of the Foundation. She is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the supreme law set by the Foundation. Any change to the Foundation proposed by a majority of cities must be approved by the Lady. She is the only voice external to the Republic and thus maintains and controls all foreign relations. The Black Cloaks are her personal army and are sworn only to her. She controls the land under the control of but not within the limits of member cities.


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