Population: 23,500 (92% Human, 7% Dwarven, 1% Other)
Alignments: LG, NG, CG, LN, N, LE
Exports: Grain, Scholastic Goods, Artisan Goods, Tools, Weapons, Armor, Sculpted Stone,
Imports: Everything

Ancient roman forum surrounded by arcades with loggias

A large city of roughly 23,000 citizens and a founding member of the Allied Cities. The Book and Blade spend considerable time there.

At the center of Fields is a large open pavilion 100 yards wide and 300 yards long known as the Forum. At one end the Lady’s road runs perpendicular on its route to the Steeps. At the other end is the huge Senate of Fields building which sits in-between the forum and the Governors Palace. Along the sides of the Forum are tightly packed store fronts which loom four stories over the vast open space. Huge pillars with columns fifteen feet in diameter stand equidistant from each other within the forum. They support large canvas strips that cast a cool shadow on the ground below at all times of the day. Dominating the central half of the Eastern edge of the forum are the offices of Fields Exports and Imports. Pushed up against pillar bases or small wagon circles are impermanent shops that sale almost any imaginable good or service.

Fields is an open city with no walls marking its limits. For defense the town instead uses a series of carefully located defensive sites including the Governors Palace, Lady’s Keep, Black Cloak Headquarters and a plethora of smaller structures turning the Grey Tor into a citadel. Most of these structures are still in construction in one way or another and there is hardly yet enough soldiers to staff every planned defense. Nonetheless the Lady’s Road cutting through the center of the Grey Rock is one of the safest routes in all of Faerûn.

Fallenstone is a day and a half journey to the North.
Goodearth lies at the center point between Waterdeep and Fields.
The Keep of the Lady lies a few hours walk to the East at the cliff edge of the Dessarin.

Former home of Jim the town guard.


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