Ancient Valley

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The Ancient Valley is a deep valley carved by the powerful Unicorns Run over the course of many thousands of years. More recently in its history a long lost dwarven nation built a great stone road that followed the Unicorns Run many miles south through the foothills of the Star Mounts to the entrance of the Stronghold of the Nine.

The valley’s stone is a hard, light gray/blue granite the makes the edges of the valley into steep 90ft cliffs that in some areas soar to almost 150ft. One can stand on the edge of these cliffs and look over a calm quiet valley hushed by the passing of ages and neglect of the alive. The road is 45ft. wide and composed of now worn and rounded paving stones. Those few areas where most of the stone is intact prove that the dwarves were skilled engineers. A knife blade cannot be slipped into the crack where two paving stones meet. For most of its southerly run it lies no more than 20ft from the gravel shores of the Unicorns Run which flows with great force. It is a testament to its depth that although the river is no wider than 220ft at its widest and 80ft at it most narrow the river seems to flow quiet and calmly at its surface. But down in its depths at almost 360 ft the water moves with terrible and deadly strength.

There is little to no vegetation in most of the valley as the ground is solid stone or gravel. In the few patches of dirt that do exist ancient canopy trees stand and prevent the growth of lesser plants.

At the end of the valley near the apex of the Star Mounts lie the entrance to the Endless Caverns, the remains of the once great dwarven nation of Valral. The Stone Road has its beginnings somewhere deep in these caverns and it leaves them through the greatest of its cave entrances. The river is at this point a series of large streams and powerful brooks and will only gather to make the unicorns run almost a mile down the slopes. The Valley at its widest is 400ft and at its narrowest 120ft.

Located in the Star Mountains.

Ancient Valley

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