SPECIAL TOP SECRET PRIORITY MISSION FOR SHIM: Shim is to hand-pick a team of five of the best and brightest students from each group to work on a special project. He is to keep this project secret (to the extend that that’s possible with a half-crazed loud-mouthed gnome). The team will be working toward the construction of a large- or huge- size clockwork humanoid body. They are not expected to make the structure animated or magical in anyway (in fact they are specifically instructed not to attempt to animate it), but simply create a working structure that is capable of moving humanoid limbs & other extremities the same way a golem or similar creature would. Obviously, without some type of power source (magical or otherwise) it would simply be inert and immobile. The engineers should focus on the physical design (size & placement of gears, optimal material, etc.) while the alchemists should focus on developing a suitable long-term lubricant for the moving parts. The arcanists should focus on researching the methods by which golems are shielded from magical attacks, and develop a strategy for how to implement those methods (or comparable ones) for the project at hand – assuming Shim would not be capable of achieving that goal on his own. Creative freedom shall not be discouraged – if they can find a way to rig up a shoulder-mounted ballista, for example, they would get bonus credit. Shim will personally supervise the project and be responsible for acquiring the necessary materials (using the utmost discretion and conserving cost wherever possible, of course) and is authorized to purchase debt from Fields XI in Bimdle’s name, not to exceed 50,000 gold. He should make sure to bill all materials as purchases for the Academy in order to receive the 25% discount that was previously agreed upon.

Kinda what we’re shooting for here:

Construct colored

Desired physical stats:
HP: 24d10+40
Size: Huge
Nat AC bonus: +20
STR: 30
DEX: 20
Move speed: 40
DR 10/Ada & Good
Space/reach: 15/15
BAB: +18

(These are estimates – I will update them once I have time to crosscheck them with the actual construct HD progression)


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