On Distant Shores


Victory! The brave Book and Blade and the stout men of First Legion have secured the vital town of Daggerford in the name of The Lady and her Allied Cities. Even now the citizens of Daggerford open their hearths and hearts to the bearers of Allied City benevolence. The Warlord Greatshout was killed before our great heroes could save him from the monstrous forces he himself summoned. Citizens of Fields, Waterdeep and GoodEarth are encouraged to relocate to the newly incorporated protectorate. Those interested should speak with their local Administration Cloak.

""Or at least that is what the local Fields Exports and Imports information agencies are saying. I also suspect The Mage was keeping tabs on the local Weave minutia and has provided a general report of what occurred. I have noted that the Spy Master has uncovered a number of orders transferred to Colonel Aegean through physical courier from The Lady directly. These instruct him to prepare for the arrival of archaeological teams.

Sir Ian has reported that adventurers have begun appearing in nearby villages. I have personally interviewed several and am prepared to make several withdrawals from the behest fund. The Destroyer continues to investigate several avenues of study multiple Sun Elf conclaves have deemed overly dangerous or overtly destructive. I have informed him that I intend to make a formal complaint and wish to consider this report a verbal submission of that complaint.

Furthermore, the Destroyer and myself as well as numerous independent third parties have observed an odd phenomena occurring in the underlying fabric of the weave. I have petitioned both The Mage as well as the magical authorities of Evermeet for additional information but have not received a response.

This morning I had meetings with members of the Senate and Administration and in addition to my duties to the Lord Warden I will have further such meetings later today." – Taeghan Laelithar bi-tenday report.

The room the Book and Blade find themselves in is small, square and glowing with the treasure piled in every corner. The Book and Blade discover that this room is a small closet tucked away in an unused portion of the upper catacombs. After almost an hour of travel they arrive at the entrance they had first used to enter the re-purposed ruins. They hear the voice of many shouting men, they also hear the impatient tones of a frustrated Taeghan Laelithar.

chain shirt +1 (1,250 gp)
full plate +3 (10,650 gp)
large steel shield +2 (cold resistance) (25,170 gp)
nine lives stealer (23,057 gp) sheds light in a 20-foot radius (as a torch)
potion of cure light wounds (50 gp)
potion of hide from animals (50 gp)
ring of force shield (8,500 gp)
ring of protection +2 (8,000 gp)
ring of sustenance (2,500 gp)
ring of sustenance (2,500 gp)
ring of the ram (46 charges) (7,912 gp)
Arcane (75 gp)
Feather Fall (l1, cl1)
Magic Weapon (l1, cl1)
Burning Hands (l1, cl1)
Divine (375 gp)
Greater Magic Fang (l3, cl5)
Cure Light Wounds (l1, cl1) (50 charges) (750 gp)
Cure Moderate Wounds (l2, cl3) (34 charges) (3,060 gp)
Knock (l2, cl3) (39 charges) (3,510 gp)
Mirror Image (l2, cl3) (7 charges) (630 gp)
horn of fog (2,000 gp)
Keoghtom’s ointment (4,000 gp)
necklace of fireballs (type III) (4,350 gp)
phylactery of faithfulness (1,000 gp)



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