The Quicksilver Company

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The Quicksilver Company is a company of horsemen affiliated with the Book and Blade, and led by Herrun Bolderheft’s cohort, Sir Ian. The company will use Overwatch Keep as a base of operations, and respond quickly to appeals for help that the Book and Blade receive but are not in a position to answer.


The company is currently composed of 91 men, not counting Sir Ian. The men are from a wide assortment of Western Faerunian heritages.

1st level: 75
2nd level: 7
3rd level: 4
4th level: 2
5th level: 2
6th level: 1


The Quicksilver Company is led and mustered by Sir Ian, followed by Lieutenant Pollus, who acts as his second in command. The rest of the company is comprised of ten smaller units, which are made up of six men each. Each unit has an officer who issues commands on the battlefield to the other five riders in his unit. The men are required to emblazon their unit’s insignia on the shoulder of their cloaks. The ten units are as follows:

Frost wolf

Frost Wolf Unit

“On a field argent, a wolf rampant azure.”

Officer: Tomas

Soldiers: Yorrel, Hue, Garod, Otto, Haeser, LLeweth, Kann, Janis

Griffon Unit

“On a field purpure, a griffon segreant argent.”

Officer: Uryal

Soldiers: Corr, Rhede, Fallwyn, Liro, Eli, Ruphert, Falco, Benuin

Diving eagle
Diving Eagle Unit

“On a field azure, an eagle inverted volant argent.”

Officer: Vladin

Soldiers: Kell, Ashar, Yorel, Siek, Lorenthal, Rezgar, Gunnan, Lot

Mountain Ram Unit

“On a field argent, a ram rampant vert.”

Officer: Darius

Soldiers: Drummond, Draskar, Rassalin, Eustis, Ullic, Fethwick, Varl, Esazu

Black Bear Unit

“On a field or, a bear rampant sable.”

Officer: Beorn

Soldiers: Milo, Gaul, Mattern, Axel, Hammel, Mack, Broll, Lorengrin

Green Dragon Unit

“On a field or, a dragon sejent vert.”

Officer: Callus

Soldiers: Raphael, Sammon, Fredo, Kay, Melar, Jack, Hewart, Regans

Rampant Lion Unit

“On a field argent, a lion rampant gules.”

Officer: Pelion

Soldiers: Jorren, Allan, Alfred, Rennick, Ramuel, Kent, Berloin, Carlin

Razor Boar Unit

“On a field sable, a boar courant or.”

Officer: Pryam

Soldiers: Ort, Shadram, “Sir” Jon, Mangus, Ernst, Lasek, Othgar, Wolfram

Viper Unit

“On a field vert, a serpent glissent argent.”

Officer: Zephaniel

Soldiers: Merlock, Errol, Marcus, Artris, Talwyn, Hessan, Erich, Xiphon

Warhound Unit

“On a field gules, a hound statant or.”

Officer: Rundyr

Soldiers: Bernal, Olsan, Le’Russ, Reggor, “Little” Jon, Asphodon, Sandon, Lorrey


Each rider is issued gear consisting of a lance, a longsword, a light crossbow, a heavy wooden shield, scale mail, and an individual light warhorse that he is expected to care for with great diligence. A rider, however, can choose to use his own preferred sidearm instead of the longsword if he wishes. Each unit is also issued a light pack horse which carries the unit’s three tents, trail rations, and other gear.

Lieutenant Pollus and each officer carry a magical “Giant’s Bane” lance instead of a regular one.

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The Quicksilver Company

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