Second Floor

The Second Floor includes both the ground floor of the keep proper and the main courtyard of the surrounding compound. On this level, the keep contains two well-appointed chapels (one devoted to Tymora, the other to Dugmaren Brightmantle). Each chapel features two large stained-glass windows facing the open center of the keep. The chapels are accompanied by servants’ quarters, a large office for the keep’s administrator, and a guard post at the entrance. The center of the keep sports an open courtyard with a well-kept garden and a small shrine to Shaundakul. A reception area lies adjacent to the courtyard, consisting of a large conference table centered in an open hall, with portraits of the Book & Blade members (five so far) on the wall behind it.

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Outside the keep, this level contains a dining hall (which can seat up to two-hundred-and-forty people), stables (for up to sixty horses), and servants’ quarters. The walls of the keep are lined with arrow slits on all sides. Four hallways just inside the walls connect the main keep to the four guard towers. This level of each guard tower contains a barracks for twenty men and an armory (which can hold up to twenty-five men’s worth of equipment at one time). The ramp leading up to the second floor from the outer corridor is protected by an iron portcullis, which slides sideways into the ground floor of the central guard tower.

Elevation above valley level: 70ft
Overwatch Keep

Second Floor

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