Reynalt Family

Colors: Black and Gold.
Crest: Draconic Claw clutching/guarding gold coins.
City: Ordulin

A powerful merchant family established in the early days of Sembia. Has in recent years gained much power, prestige and wealth due to successful long term investments in organized religion throughout the coastal cities of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Many churches along the diverse coasts of the inner sea are in part owned by the Reynalt family. Although this fact is unknown to most of the parishioners who attend these churches the people who run them are always acutely aware of the expectations of the Reynalts who rarely offer a chance to actually pay off the debts owed them.

The patriarch of the family is Lord Merchant Alister Reynalt. He is Master of the Mints, an influential member of the Council of Sembia and the head of the Church of Waukeen. His eldest son Pierce Reynalt is the famous Lord Warden of the Star Mountains and a Divine Disciple of Tymora. His other son Bruce Reynalt is currently held by the Council of Sembia awaiting trial for the murder of the Selkirk family and was briefly the head of the church of Tymora in Sembia. His only daughter Elena Reynalt is an honored teacher of Denier.

The ancestral home of the family is the city of Yhaunn where it is said the first quarry was run by the Reynalts. The family manse sits atop the oldest site and is one of the largest buildings in the city. It now sits empty as the Reynalts have relocated to Ordulin where it is whispered their new construction opposite the Council Building is a palace.

Reynalt Family

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