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Adjustment to the Forgotten Realms Cannon for the purposes of On Distant Shores occur across the realms timeline however for the purposes of the setting it is safe to assume that content from Forgotten Realms rule books and novels up to 1372 DR is unchanged. Beyond that date the entirety of the realms is subject to GM progression of events as of the result of the realms as it was at that time considering historical revisions as well as the actions of the players.

This means that the events of The Twilight War, Wizards & Haunted Land series did not occur. Notable series/books with important events previous to the divergence include the Return of the Archwizards, the Year of Rogue Dragons, the Forsaken House (first in the Last Mythal series), the Erevis Cale Trilogy and the War of the Spider Queen.

The entries in this wiki are for the most part on subjects that are either entirely new to the realms or significantly altered since 1372 DR.

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