Ground Floor

The Ground Floor houses the bulk of the compound’s soldiers, as well as most of its servants. Two large barracks house one-hundred-and-ten men, and four more barracks in the ground floor of each guard tower house eighty more. Armory space is provided for up to two-hundred-and-twenty-five men’s worth of equipment. There is also a bedroom suite for a higher-ranking officer, and there are two bedroom sets for four lower-ranking officers. There is a public bath adjacent to one of the larger barracks for the men.

The servants’ quarters sprawl across approximately one quarter of the compound’s area, housing up to seventy two people. There are four baths available for use by the servants. A single massive kitchen lies adjacent, servicing the dining hall above. Two spiral staircases connect the kitchen to the dining hall. The kitchen can prepare food for up to ninety men at a time, and contains a cistern for storing drinking water (refilled by a decanter of endless water as necessary). This level also houses a smithy and a fletchery.

Arrow slits line the cliff-side walls, and four hallways connect the four guard towers with the area below the keep. A long corridor runs from the ramp accessing the 2nd floor to the main gate, surrounded by arrow slits and guard posts on all sides. The corridor is also overlooked by crenelated walkways along the tops of the walls around it. An iron portcullis reinforces the drawbridge, and slides sideways into the adjacent guard tower.

A moat surrounds the keep at this level, twenty feet wide and ten feet deep. The bottom of the dry moat is littered with caltrops and large spikes. An illusion conceals the pit (via Permanent Image), producing the image of a water-filled moat with a strong current leading to twin waterfalls off the cliff face. The illusion also produces the sound of rushing water, causes the area to feel cool to the touch, and smells like a refreshing spring morning. Any creature directly interacting with the illusion is allowed a will save (DC: 24) to disbelieve it. On the far side of the moat, the ground is littered with broken, jagged granite (left over from the excavation of the build site, no chunks larger than seven or eight inches) out to the edge of the main road. This makes the terrain very difficult to traverse.

The main road stretches out from the main gate of the compound toward the forest beyond before curving back around toward the cliffside, where it connects with the access ramp. This leaves the flank of all travelers on the road exposed to the guard towers’ line of fire.

Elevation above valley level: 60 ft.
Overwatch Keep

Ground Floor

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