Book and Blade


A band of madmen known to occasionally terrorize the city of Fields.

Historical References

We know from records that survived the Scorching of Waterdeep that the Book and Blade were first incorporated on the 20th day of Ches in the year 1373 Dale Reckoning, the day after the Spring Equinox. As luck would have it we actually have the text of their first behest, a chilling reminder of the events that were yet to come. – from “On Distant Shores” by Nonroth Nemptto

I do not argue that they did not do a great deal of good for the region. I only argue that their actions were not always motivated by purely benevolent ideals. My statements are supported by clear and evident facts. But most people cling to the fairy tales of youth. – from “Both Sides” by Gaius Vervale

What do you mean, “why do you stay with the group?” The winds take me where they will. You may as well ask why fireballs some times come out as blue frogs – life, like magic, is not an exact science you know. If I knew where I would be or what I would do from one day to the next, or for that matter why, how would I have any fun? What are you writing down there, anyway? Who are you? – from “Interview with a Madman” by Anonymous Traveler

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Book and Blade

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