Blade Company


Blade Company is a private security force comprised of a total of 221 men and women, funded by Pierce Reynalt, based out of Overwatch Keep. Working closely with Quicksilver Company, they regularly patrol the Black Road in an attempt to suppress the savage denizens of the High Forest. While the work is dangerous, it offers decent pay to any who would brave the roads. The life of a Blade on the Black Road is not for the faint of heart, but it offers a decent pay and a natural in to the soldiering life for those interested.


Taeghan Laelithar is Legate of the Lord Warden’s forces and coordinates with officers and his administrators to field the Blades, manage supplies, and generally look out for mischief around the keep. Two lieutenants see to the dispensation of the troops- Overwatch, who is an expert in tunnel fighting and ensures the keeps security. The Blade Marshall coordinates patrols upon the Black Road and is encouraged to be imaginative when it comes to pacifying the Forest.

The smallest groups among the Blade’s are squads, more commonly known amongst the Blades as “A Warden’s Dozen”; 10 men with the standard Blade loadout led by a designated Corporal. Three of these squads come together to make a fighting Platoon, headed by veteran Sergeants.

bladeco.png “Against all the odds and horrors arrayed against them, the dashing warriors of Blade Company continue to stand triumphant. Truly, Fortune favors the Bold.”

First Platoon- Overwatch

The bulk of BladeCo’s heavy infantry is stationed at the keep itself, under the watchful eye of the Sentinel Stonewall.

With the standard Shortsword, each Ironguard receives a Tower Shield and Longspear, and those patrolling the walls are given a longbow for good measure. All of the garrison are issued Banded Mail, and frequently find themselves training the new recruits that sign a new contract with the Company.

Second, Third, and Fourth Platoons

To ensure security at each of the three outposts, a platoon is stationed at each to maintain the defenses and stand watch. Because of the equipment stored in each outpost, these Blades are known for their ingenuity; between the treacherous pits dug along the treeline, shorter trees felled and positioned to provide additional ground cover, or just pelting the forest with flasks of oil and fire, these fighters take whatever advantage they can get.

Kit: Scale mail (30 lbs), Heavy Steel/Wooden Shield (10 lbs), Battle Axe (8 lbs)Cold Iron Short Sword (2 lbs), Light Crossbow (4 lbs) , Flask (1-1/2 lbs)
Optional: Spade (8 lbs)

Fifth and Sixth Platoons

Equipped lightly and well, these platoons range farther than their brothers, traveling as much as 30 miles a day between the outposts. Usually, the Blade Marshall travels with these troopers, inspecting each garrison along the way. Wardens usually find themselves conjuring water for these Blades, along with their usual treatments. To minimize exertion, these platoons are issued sleeveless Chain Shirts with their fatigues, simultaneously protecting vital organs and distributing weight across the troopers body for a lighter load. Upon the defeat of Akidumkulostros, the Wardens of these platoons are authorized to withdraw both Wands and Potions of Cure Light Wounds from the Overwatch Vault.

(This bring 2 fully charged wands of Cure Light Wounds and 1 with 12 charges)

Kit: Chain Shirt (25 lbs), Buckler (5 lbs) + 4 (Light Crossbow), 2 (Short sword), Flask (1 1/2), 20 bolts (2 lbs), 20 Cold Iron bolts (2 lbs), Bandolier (1/2 lb), Belt Pouch (1 lb) Typical loadout coming to 43 lbs)

Special Units


Patrols along the High Forest can sometimes bring one a more profound need for spiritual connection, and some Blades have chosen to answer the call of Tymora to watch over their brothers.

Kit: A Warden’s equipment depends almost entirely on the squad he is serving with, along with a Healer’s Kit and a Waterskin.
Warrior 1/Adept 1

Grey Cloaks

Grey Cloaks are the branch of Blade Company who do not remain with their brothers in the High Forest. They wander the lands of the Allied Cities, each under the direct supervision of Legate Laelithar. They act as the eyes and the ears of the Lord Warden within the domain of The Lady, recruiting and giving physical training to hopeful Blades on their return to Overwatch Keep
Expert 1/Warrior 2
Kit: Chainmail, Longsword, Longbow, 50 gp, Light Warhorse (With all the acoutrements)


Among the platoons stationed at each of the outposts are a squad of veteran Blades, keeping careful watch over the battlements. While there is no distinction in rank, they are given some deference and are given de facto command when it comes to operations around the outposts.

Fields XI Purchase (Dragon’s Horde)

Armor 18630
50 x Banded Mail – 12500
30 x Tower Shields – 1080
30 x Chain Shirt – 3000
70 x Bucklers – 1050
300 x BladeCo uniforms (Traveler’s Outfit) – 300 gp
100 x Heavy Wooden Shields – 700

Weapons 18310
3 x Masterwork Cold Iron Sabers – 1020 (340 each)
3 x Masterwork Cold Iron Shortswords – 960
30 x Cold Iron Longswords – 900
200 x Cold Iron Short Swords – 4000
100 x Cold Iron Longspears – 1000
90 x Battleaxes – 900 gp
60 x Halberds – 600 gp
180 x Light Crossbows – 630
10000 x Bolts – 1000 gp
3000 x Cold Iron Bolts – 600 gp
2000 x Cold Iron Arrows – 200 gp
4000 x Arrows – 200 gp

Gear 3564
100 x Shovels – 200 gp
30 x Healer’s Kits – 1500 gp (50 each)
5000 x Torches – 50 gp
1000 x Pints of oil – 100 gp
300 x Flasks – 9 gp
400 x Belt Pouch – 400 gp
40 x Waterskins – 40 gp
100 x Backpacks – 200 gp
250 x Bed rolls – 25 gp
1 x Spyglass – 1000 gp
80 x Bandoleers – 40 gp

Blade Company

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