Black Cloaks

The Black Cloaks are the personal army of The Lady. They are funded privately by her and only obey orders given by her or her officers. The entire Administration of The Lady is composed of Black Cloaks and run as a military organization. This provides for the smooth management of lands under the control of the Allied Cities that do not fall within any cities limits. She assumes the authority to do so by the Foundation. Almost all members of the Black Cloaks were selected during their period of Civil Service.


Commander: General Anthony Forthill
Cloaks: 2000

Rank/Organization Structure (Military)
Commanding General
Colonel/Legion 1000+
Captain/Cohort 500+
Lieutenant/Ducentî 250+
Sergeant/Platoon 50+
Corporal/Shield 10+
Cloak/Tower Shield/Short Sword

Active Independent Units
Urban Cohort, General Forthill, Fields
1st Legion, Colonel Vervale, Savage Frontier
Reactionary Cohort, Captain Dervish, Secomber


Commander: Prime Minister Herrun Bolderheft
Cloaks: 1750

Rank/Organization Structure (Administration)
Prime Minister/Allied Cities
Legate/Liaison to the Lady

Notable Administration Cloaks
Legate Azazello, Liaison to the Prime Minister and Lady.
Minister Caiaphas Marcone, Minister to Waterdeep
Minister Secunda Marcone, Minister to Fields
Agent Grant Galgon, Secomber Proxy
Agent Gavin Gray, Daggerford Proxy

I, _____, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend The Lady and the Black Cloaks who are her might, that I shall observe and obey the orders of The Lady and those officers appointed over me, that I will hold no god or authority over The Lady and that I bind myself to conform, in all instances, to such rules and regulations, as are, or shall be, established by the government of The Lady until I am discharged from this service by the office of the Black Cloaks.

By special dispensation of The Lady: Neither Pierce Reynalt nor Herrun Bolderheft of the Book and Blade must recite the line “that I will hold no god or authority over The Lady” to become members of the Black Cloaks and that both will be commissioned as Majors upon speaking the oath". This dispensation in its exact wording has existed since the founding of the Cloaks.

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Black Cloaks

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