On Distant Shores

Season Four

[After an emergency Teleport The Book&Blade escape to a burning Waterdeep that is being invaded]

The Scorching of Waterdeep

On a street choked with the smoke and acrid stench of a great city burning the Book and Blade appeared. Brought there as they were by the untested magics of a Tymoran priests first attempt at teleportation it is understandable that what they first noticed was not the deep cloak of smoke turned bright orange by the nearby flames or the cinders falling all around them. A hard road teaches those who travel it to pick up on certain important sounds. These sounds you eventually learn to hear to the exclusion of others when faced with the unknown. The sounds of screaming people, desperate and horrified, cut through the mind haze of the teleportation spell faster than anything else.

Season Three

[The Book&Blade return to Waterdeep.]

1. The Boys are Back in Town

2. Finding Roman Vervale

3. The High Forest

4. A Trip to Secomber

5. The Drow, The Dragon, and The Black Road

[The Book&Blade, faced with overwhelming odds, expertly execute a tactical withdrawal.]

Season Two

[The Book&Blade are stranded in a ruin after completing The Lord’s mission.]

1. Lost and Cold

2. Mistakes and The Village in the North

3. The Ziggurat

4. The Dead Lady Rules

[The Book&Blade return to their own plane of reality.]

Season One

[The Book&Blade form in Waterdeep on the 20th day of Ches in the year 1382 Dale Reckoning.]

Prologue. [Dimble, Herrun, Lucious, and Pierce a.k.a. “The Book & Blade”]

1. The Scythe of Gold

2. Corporal Roman Vervale

3. Grandfather’s Grave

4. The Forgotten Town

5. The Search for Lady Selos

6. A Greater Perspective

[Stranded in a snowy “alternate” Faerun.]


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