The Book of Life and of Death

The last will and testament of a dead people.


The Book of Life and of Death is a massive tome bound in plain iron. It weighs 20 pounds and is three feet wide when open and resting on its spine. It’s hundreds of pages and metal inserts make it almost 6 inches tall when resting on its cover.

It was given to the Book and Blade by an ancient immobile skeleton sitting on a frozen thrown at the foot of a dead or comatose figure of The Lady with the request that they merely not allow the knowledge contained therein to be forgotten.

With careful examination of the book Lucius has determined that the main body of text is written in an early precursor to modern common. Although very difficult to read he has found that it is primarily a book laying out the foundations for an extremely structured society.

He has had more luck with the metallic inserts. The text lightly etched on them is magical notation written in layers one on top of another. Although the notation on either is beyond his current understanding he has at least found that the mithril insert seems to detail the process by which one could become a lich.


The Book of Life and of Death

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