Masterwork Netherese bastard sword


+1 Holy Bastard Sword


Plundered from a sarcophagus during the Book and Blade‘s foray into the tomb of The Lady’s supposed great, great grandfather. Despite the objections of Lucious at the mundane use of such a well preserved piece of history, Pierce Reynalt saw it as a useful tool and used it as such. It was retired for some time until the shattering of Fateshear, and the blade was enchanted as the group escorted the Frigentum shipment through the Savage Frontier.

More slender than most hand-and-a-half swords, it still held a keen edge despite its many years entombed. Slight embellishments on the edge add an almost gothic appearance, and High Netherese script adorns the blood grove. The elaborate cross-guard and handle appear to be made of some form of bleached ivory that has sustained some fine nicks and scratches during its service.




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