"Holy Wrath"


Holy keen adamantine short sword.

Crit: 17-20 x2
Damage: 1d6 + 2d6 vs. evil creatures, bypasses DR/good
Other: Ignores hardness less than 20, bypasses DR/adamantine

Enchanted with Continuous Flame by Bimdle Windwalker while in the town of Daggerford.


Kiron-akith is a revered weapon of various dwarven holy orders. It was procured for Herrun Bolderheft by Fields Exports and Imports.

Currently, the weapon is awaiting pickup in the Fields Exports and Imports storage vault. Herrun is using a loaner keen adamantine short sword until the Book and Blade have a chance to return to Fields and pick up their commissioned purchases.

During Herrun’s period of study with Nrallgar, the young dwarf spent many hours pouring over old manuscripts and tomes that recounted ancient deeds. Among these dusty books was one that captured Herrun’s imagination more than the rest. It told tales of valiant paladins and priests who did battle with all manner of evil beings, and it was there that he first saw the sword mentioned:

“…Then haughty Aggathar swept his shield aside and drove Kiron-akith into the demon’s belly. Again and again the priest flashed the holy blade, ripping the demon asunder with each thrust. There was naught the enemy could do, so the drow and their remaining fiends fled back down the tunnels.” —from The Exalted Deeds of Clanggedin’s Sons, Author Unknown

It was this passage that Herrun’s mind turned to one day when he contemplated seeking out a new weapon that better fit his purpose. Without knowing the first thing about tracking down items of that sort, he stopped by Fields Exports and Imports to make inquisitions. To his enormous surprise, the acquisition agent at the company had already heard of the sword, and showed Herrun its entry in Harblast’s Catalog of Named Weapons, Fourth Edition. When Herrun asked him what could be done, he simply said, “Give me a week,” and quoted the stunned dwarf a (significant) price. If this acquisition works out, Fields Exports and Imports will have created a loyal customer for life with their “above and beyond” professionalism.

Kiron akith copy

“The flame that does not burn, the light that does not shine.”— Inscribed on the blade in Old Dwarven runes.


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