Kheluz Kar

An adamantine bound slab of granite.


+2 Intelligent Adamantine Tower Shield of Health

Armor Class Bonus
Constitution Bonus
Maximum Dexterity
Armor Check Penalty
Arcane Spell Failure
90 lb.

Kheluz Kar is an intelligent tower shield. It has an Intelligence and Wisdom score of 12 and a Charisma of 10. It can perceive sight and sound 30 ft. around itself. It grants any dwarf who wields it +10 ranks in Knowledge: History. It has a special purpose to defend and promote the interests of any dwarven organization. It can communicate with its wielder via empathy causing the wielder to feel urges and occasionally emotions that encourage or discourage certain courses of action. Kheluz Kar has an item ego of 11.


The tower shield Kheluz Kar was the last creation of the great Dwarven King Nalar. It was forged in the final years of the mountain nation Valral. It is made mostly of a single dark stone slab quarried far earlier in the forgotten times of the nations first settling. It is bound with six bands of expertly forged adamantine mined from the core of a great meteor that was buried eons ago by the natural formation of the Star Mountains. The shield is framed with the same material. It survived the entombing of Korvath the Wrathfire only because it was sent away with the nations great historian Nuror. Nuror returned to mainland Faerûn with Kheluz Kar after many years and resided for some time in Waterdeep. Eventually he left the human city and it is unknown what happened to the venerable scholar. Kheluz Kar was left to the early lords of Waterdeep with the charge that they give it to one who could help reforge the great dwarven nations of the realms.

The King meant to have the shield enchanted by his nations greatest circle of rune mages and indeed they had begun work before the adamantine had even cooled. But greater and more important things were at hand. The runes set by the dwarven circle only cover two of the adamantine bands and only the framework for additional enchantments were etched onto the others.

Those who wield Kheluz Kar quickly realize that the intelligence of the shield is that of the Great Historian Nuror himself. Originally intended for King Nalar, he bound himself in the shield so that the collected histories of the mountain nation of Valral would not be forgotten. The runes on the shield were never completed however and Nuror can only imperfectly impart his wisdom. Those seeking to complete the great circle of rune mages work will find their dreams filled with ancient rights and symbols forgotten by today’s dwarves of Faerûn. Currently any such undertaking is unfortunately impossible.

This legendary item was ceremoniously presented to Herrun “Blackfinger” Bolderheft by the Lords of Waterdeep as reward after the Book and Blade halted the destruction of Waterdeep being wreaked by the Burned Man.

Kheluz Kar

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