Designed Intelligence "Dee"

An intelligent spinal implant that can augment its user's combat awareness and abilities.


Originally given to the Book and Blade by Selos’ grandfather when he gave the Book and Blade the quest to destroy a mysterious tower in another plane. The artifact did indeed help the party destroy the tower, and was discovered to be able to communicate with whoever was holding it.

Each member of the Book and Blade at some point communicated with the intelligent artifact, but it was Dimble who grew to have an overwhelming fascination with it. Over time, as he and “Dee” whispered back and forth, Dimble became obsessed with the idea that he could use its powers in entirely new ways if Pierce Reynalt would surgically implant it in his spine.

Both Pierce and Herrun “Blackfinger” Bolderheft tried to strongly discourage this plan since they were worried that Dimble was being unduly influenced by the persuasive powers of the artifact, and that there would be great danger in Dimble undergoing such a complex medical procedure.

Dimble, however, was adamant, and found his opportunity when the Book and Blade encountered the angel Abdiel. Dimble knew Abdiel to be of such great power that he could perform the surgery with no risk of injury to himself, so he coerced the angel to implant the artifact in his spine, despite the angel’s reservations.

Over the months that followed, “Dee” did indeed prove to increase Dimble’s powers. He surprised the party on many occasions by doing things they had no inclination he could do, such as cast fireball spells. Along with these new powers, however, Dimble’s demeanor seemed to change somewhat as well. At first it was hardly noticeable, but eventually it became clear that he was becoming more contemplative, and later, even taking time to sit and meditate—something wholly uncharacteristic of the previous Dimble.

It was after Dimble’s tragic and untimely death, however, that Dee’s true capabilities became known. After the party brought the corpse of the Book and Blade’s beloved horizon-walking barbarian back to the surface, into Fields, the corpse re-animated and vanished into the shadows before it could be chased down. Lucius had already scried Dimble’s soul and knew it was long gone, so the only inference the party could make was that Dee had taken full control of the body (who knew for how long this had been the case), and had commandeered it and all of Dimble’s considerable abilities for its own purposes.

Recently, following some disturbing rumors, Dimble’s long lost brother Bimdle Windwalker, together with Herrun, rediscovered the animated corpse of Dimble Windwalker. It was leading a cult of bodaks and humans in a ritual to reopen the hellish fire tower the Book and Blade had previously (supposedly) destroyed in Waterdeep. This was an extremely disturbing discovery, but the Book and Blade have not had time to do anything about it yet.

Designed Intelligence "Dee"

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