The Lady

An ambitious young woman.




The author of the Foundation, sole executive of the Allied Cities, commander and chief of the Black Cloaks, chairman of the board of investors of Fields Exports and Imports and employer of the Titled is most often known simply as The Lady.

Also known by a select few as Selos, The Lady was first discovered by the Book and Blade in some underground ruins the party discovered after finding a cave entrance on a cliff overhanging the Dessarin River. The party discovered her kneeling and chained to the floor of a rune-bound room refered to as Selos’ Prison. An old woman was attending her and begged the party to free the girl by cutting the chains with the newly recovered Golden Scythe.

After freeing the weeping girl, The Book and Blade saw that she and the old woman were met on the road leading to [Golden] Fields by a rider dressed all in black, as if her release had been planned long ago and he had known to meet her there.

Very soon after The Lady began effecting her changes on the city of Fields, she asked The Book and Blade to work for her organization.

Strange and powerful individual began to appear in Fields in the service of The Lady, often known by only a one-word title, like the old woman who attended The Lady, known only as The Nurse. Among these new characters of interest were The Preacher, The Mage, and The Merchant.

While nothing is known about The Lady’s immediate family, The Book and Blade once met a man who claimed to be her grandfather, known as The Lord. He did not seem to care about the whereabouts of his granddaughter, and generally seemed quite removed from events in Fields and the matter of his granddaughter’s former imprisonment.

The Lady

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