Shim "the Destroyer"


The following is a transcription of a recording recovered from Miemone’s Meticulous Mechanisms.

Questioner: What is your name?

Shim: Shim The Destroyer!

Questioner: Shim… The Destroyer?

Shim: Yes!

Questioner: What were you doing in our maintenance tunnels?

Shim: Sinking heat evocation into Essence of Thunder.

Questioner: What?

Shim: You are not very smart are you? I suppose that makes sense. All this company hires are ogre brained dullards!

Sound of tiny chained palms smacking a table.

Shim: I was promised a challenge and your silly little traps and guard bots hardly took an afternoon!

Sound of distant rumbling, a small metallic object falls from a short distance. A chair squeaks.

Questioner: What was that?

Shim: Oh! Is it noon already? heh heh hahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Closer rumbling, a loud crack and scream followed quickly by loud bang. Recording ends.

Shim "the Destroyer"

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