Royce Frentis, "Scratch"

Annalist of Blade Company


-Notable Skills: Gather Info, Diplomacy, Heal, Speak Language (8 languages), Decipher Script, Knowledge (Local), (History), (Nobility and Royalty), Sense Motive, Bluff

Speaks Common, Chondathan, Illuskan, Dwarven, Alzhedo, Damaran, Elven, and Lantanese.


Considered a Specialist, the Annalist floats between many platoons both on patrol and at Overwatch in order to form a fuller view of the operations that take place within the company. He also serves as a surgeon when Wardens efforts are inconclusive and a Blade needs more advanced care. He is also a handy translator when Common is insufficient.

In the Annals, he records casualties as he learns of them and makes observations of tactical outcomes. While well educated, he has been instructed not to embellish his accounts, and that a grunts-eye view of Blade Company is what the Lord Warden desires. Because of his close proximity to the Blades, he has built somewhat of a rapport with them, and they dubbed him “Scratch” for his habit of scribbling random notes in his journals.

Royce Frentis, "Scratch"

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