Lieutenant Pollus

Sir Ian's second in command in the Quicksilver Company

  • LN human male
  • Level 6 fighter
  • 57 years old

Lieutenant Pollus is a grizzled old war veteran who has seen too much to be an idealist, but is too stubborn to be slowed down by his pessimism. Under the command of Sir Ian, Pollus is the voice of rigid discipline and order in the The Quicksilver Company. His broad experience as a career military man makes it easy for him to understand Sir Ian’s intentions and quickly translate them into orders for the men. Pollus commands the respect of his subordinates, and repays their respect by listening to their concerns with a serious dedication often lacking in military officers.

Pollus is not educated in diplomacy and politics like Sir Ian, but does one thing and does it well. He’s the man running the well-oiled machine behind Sir Ian, making sure it’s ready and primed to charge at the knight’s command.

Lieutenant Pollus

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