Haji Effendi



Introduced to Lucien Galonadel as Haji Effendi, it is a well known secret among the Book and Blade that this is not her actual name. That is the only well known secret about the elusive Spy Master. Effendi has revealed to Lucien that she is in fact a Shou wanderer from the far east. Her mannerisms in that brief encounter suggest that there is more to the disguises she takes up than mere acting.

As a test of loyalty, and capability, Lucien gave the ambitious liar a formidable task. To lie as well as him, or at least well enough to appear as him, so that Lucien could attend to another task outside of the city; also conveniently giving him some distance and deniability should her plot be discovered. She performed admirably, fooling all but Lucien himself who noticed mistakes in her poor imitation of his illustrious handwriting. Having caused little harm to the city and having enabled Lucien to be in two places at once her abilities and apparent loyalty are an invaluable asset. While her trustworthiness remains somewhat questionable, this simply serves to cement her level of capability in Luciens mind. Only fools trust all the time.

She has recently been asked to set up a new business in the burgeoning city of Secomber, before the restrictive and stifling business laws and practices currently in force elsewhere in the Allied Cities can take hold. Overwatch Keep stands ready to supply her with whatever items she may need in this endeavor. Lucien has specifically stated that her goal is to cause competition, though profit is a close secondary objective as is the establishment of a friendly stop for undercover Inquisition agents in the future. She has free reign to name the business.

Haji Effendi

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