Caston Windwalker

A distant relative of Dimble and Bimdle.


Caston Windwalker is a thin, handsome young Half-elf (Air Genasi) hailing from the great city of Cimbar in Chessenta ( – scroll down a bit for more info). He hires himself out as a “Maritime Acquisition Specialist,” but in truth is little more than a pirate. His brash, overconfident attitude toward his profession has made enemies out of many of his former colleagues (after some particularly costly failures, due in no small part to Caston’s carelessness). This has not disheartened him, however; his unique talents as a Windwalker make him exceptionally capable at assaulting vessels out to sea, even if he has to work alone.

Overall, Caston is bright, charismatic, foolhardy, and oddly religious. He more or less does what he pleases, when he pleases, but he stops short of taking suicidal or overtly evil actions or committing unnecessary bloodshed (in fact, he prefers to shed no blood at all whenever possible – it usually makes more mess than it’s worth).

While finishing up his life’s work, the Grand Genealogy of the Renowned Windwalker Family (DR -8543 to DR1360), Gimble Windwalker stumbled upon Caston in Cimbar. The two were enjoying an amateur rendition of My Mother, the Seagull when Gimble noticed a light, cool breeze emanating from the stranger sitting a few rows down from him (he pinpointed the source by following a hint of cinnamon on the breeze). That stranger was Caston, and after striking up a conversation, Gimble tagged drunkenly along on Caston’s next job. The two quickly became good friends, and after adding Caston’s biography to his Genealogy, Gimble decided to grant Caston honorary status as a true Windwalker (to distinguish him from the great mass of riff-raff that claim to share the same noble lineage as Gimble and his family).

Gimble last spoke with Caston in DR1364 while on a spice-hungry shopping spree in Chessenta. At the time, Caston was still plying his trade all around the Sea of Fallen Stars; however, he mentioned he would have to relocate his residence to the Pirate Isles east of Sembie. Apparently, the authorities in Cimbar found proof some of his dealings with the governments of rival cities in the region, and felt his head would look better on a placard than on his shoulders.


Notable Items: Belt of Giant Strength (4), Bracers of Dexterity (6), Ring of Protection (+2), Ring of Evasion, +2 Shocking Burst Composite Longbow of Distance (Str Rating 3), +2 Glammered Mithril Breastplate (Appears as Noble’s Outfit), +1 Whip of Speed.

Notable abilities: Whirlwind Attack, Improved Trip and Disarm, Darkvision 60ft, Breathless (does not require air), Native Outsider, Wild Empathy, Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider, Animal Companion (Parrot), Cold Resist: 20, Soft Fall, Portalsense (Analyze portal at-will), may take spells from Air & Travel domain as ranger spells of the same level, Airwalk at-will, Smite Fiend 2/day, Windsong (Faiths & Pantheons pg 213), Ride the Winds (Fly speed 100ft).

Caston Windwalker

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