Bruce Reynalt

A talented swordsman


From an early age could best be described as a “problem child”. As he grew older, he became further amused with sewing general mischief and mayhem wherever he could. The future Lord Warden took it upon himself to keep a watchful eye on his younger siblings efforts and reign him in whenever possible. Bruce lashed out at this. So the Master-at-Arms saw the opportunity to bring the siblings together through violent excercise and daily practice. This enthused the younger brother greatly and brought a focus none had seen in him before. Pierce did not see him much before leaving Sembia, having to forgo these practices for studies with other Tymorans. While the younger Bruce scoffed at embracing a patron deity, Elena reports that “he has cut his way to the top” of the Tymoran clergy, and suspects his hand behind the brutal Selkirk murders.


Bruce Reynalt

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