Anthony Forthill


Anthony Forthill is the current commander of the Black Cloaks. He is preceded by Colonel Korvain of the 13th Legion.

Before the scorching Forthill was known as a skilled campaigner working at times for the official Waterdeep military and at times with mercenary bands. He spent only the very first few years of his adult life as a front-line soldier before being selected for command. Known to his men as an officer who attained his position not by birth but by merit gave him extreme credibility as a commander. He has experienced first hand the brutal realities of siege warfare most notably in the siege of Bandits Barrow and defense of Eastern Swords Keep. These experiences stood him in good stead when he took to the command of a small band of noble house guards and saved a considerable portion of the nobility of Waterdeep in a lightening fast guerrilla campaign come to be known as the Forthill Sprint.

Now he is the field commander of the Black Cloaks, the personal army of The Lady and answerable only to her. He believes he has been given a mandate by The Lady through the Allied Cities to expand it’s influence and power throughout the Savage Frontier and has developed a campaign to do so. With the recent passing of the Lex Cretum Certo he has been given the power act on it.

Anthony forthill

Anthony Forthill

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