Alister Reynalt

Patriarch of the Reynalt family.


Current head of the Reynalt Family and all its assets. The recent brutal assassinations of Kendrick the Tall and the rest of the Selkirk family have given the Patriarch of the Reynalt Family an opportunity to expand its influence.

Of his parents their is nothing known publicly. Records suggest that there was a Reynalt Family in some form at the founding of Sembia but at that time it was certainly not the well known merchant enterprise it is today. It is clear that over the past two hundred years the Reynalts’ power grew exponentially under the leadership of a series of very ambitious and capable patriarchs.

There are some official documents provided by smaller notable houses that suggest the current patriarch has reigned over his family 90 years and that at times there had been sons and daughters who left his household to open churches in far away lands and foreign nations. Most of these documents can not be independently verified and all are discredited by reputable investigators.

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Alister Reynalt

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