On Distant Shores

Taking Back Loudwater

An Elven voice is the first thing to pierce the blue flame that consumes the Book and Blades world. “I have them” it says in a calm but slightly rushed tone. When vision returns it seems as though the group is back in the center of the Ultraloth wall of flame but it is not the misty swamp that dominates the landscape beyond the fire but the storm shrouded walls of the town of Loudwater. The scene has a dream like quality and a great lethargy saps the will of the party.

Beyond the wall of flame is a chaotic melee with hundreds of orcs, men, dwarves and monsters packed into tight whirling groups. In the distance can be seen dark horrifying shapes swatting at a silver streak that flies between them. At the foot of the gates are two figures separate from the larger battle. Standing almost 8 feet tall is a massive orc armored in a large almost destroyed suit of full plate who the party immediately recognizes as General Vrakk. One arm rests on the ground at the beasts feet still gripping a massive greatsword. The other arm is raised holding a weakly struggling Storm Silverhand in the air. Deep in the flank of the orc is a longsword which does not seem to impair the creature at all.

A smaller orc figure breaks from the general melee and seems to rush the pair. It dips into a smooth roll and rises at the feet of the orcish general with serpentine grace. The figure is no longer that of the orc but of a white robed Shou who strikes at the generals wrist with a small black blade forcing him to drop the chosen of Mystra. Before he can react to the new threat it rolls away and disappears back into the battle.

Stepping into the parties field of view, Taeghen Laelithar speaks again this time addressing someone behind the weakened party. “The Spymasters efforts will not be enough. We must abandon the field.” In response a determined extremely low voice speaks from above and behind the Book and Blade. “Lower the wall elf.”

Taeghen seems as though he is about to argue but merely waves his hand in the direction of the wall. A burst of super chilled air washes over everyone nearby and a small portion of the wall dissipates. He turns back to the figure and speaks. “I will remain with the Book and Bla…” Before he can finish a heavily armored mounted figure wielding a faintly glowing lance bursts past the party and the frustrated Architect and rushes at almost unbelievable speed towards the Orc who is kneeling down to retrieve his arm and weapon. With a roar the mounted knight buries the lance into and through the kneeling orc general and continues past him into the larger battle.

As the General continues to struggle despite the mortal blow Storm rises to her feet now glowing with a bright silver fire. She raises one hand and a torrent of the same fire bursts out and consumes the orc.

The battle takes a swift turn for the Lords Alliance forces. Using the defensive perimeter established around the prone forms of the Book and Blade by their cohorts who remain by their sides as a launching point the Lords Alliance swiftly takes the walls and shortly after that the town.



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