On Distant Shores

Stercus Accidit

The Book and Blade have raised Overwatch Keep deep in the High Forest atop the Star Mountains. Brave men of the Blade and Quicksilver Companies stand fast against a horde of savage forest peoples who would otherwise interrupt the fledgling flow of Frigentum, a material for which Fields Exports and Imports is willing to spend considerable sums. Furthermore the Lord Warden has assured the Senate of Fields he will keep secure the forest in the name of The Lady and her Allied Cities.

Now the Book and Blade strike out at the head of the Black Cloaks 1st Legion under the command of the young Colonel Aegean Vervale. Their objective is to civilize the savage frontier and open up further opportunities for trade and settlement for the people of the Allied Cities.

Even now Daggerford trembles under the gaze of a thousand men of 1st Legion and the mighty Book and Blade.



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