On Distant Shores



I submit this report in accordance with the laws of the magnificent city of Selgaunt and the greater Sembian nation and with respect to my deep conviction in the justice of Helm. I have today accepted a confession to the killing Pentarch Judas Escott, high priest of the House of Tymora by Pierce Reynalt, son of Alister Reynalt and Lord Warden of the Star Mountains

I have it on his word and the word of Herrun Bolderheft, Prime Minister of the Allied Cities and chief representative of the Lady that Pentarch Escott was in some way murdering his congregation. I myself, while serving in my capacity as Guard Captain observed several well known members of the Tymoran Church suffering what appeared to be self inflicted wounds to the neck.

When I attempted to detain those present for questioning one of the suspects, a sun elf floating in mid-air wielding a glowing blade used some form of magic to disappear. It has been confirmed that this suspect is Lucious Baron, Chief Inquisitor of Waterdeep. I formally request the council attempt to extradite the Chief Inquisitor as a suspect in this case.

Another, a gnome claiming to be entirely un-involved in the event left the scene before further questioning could be performed. We suspect now that this was Bimdle Windwalker, wild mage of the Book and Blade. The Prime Minister himself left the scene on Thormgrish Hammerhoof and has not been seen since.

I would be remiss in my duty if I did not point out that it was not more than one year ago that I arrested Bruce Reynalt for the murder of four members of the Tymoran Pentarchy, a crime that your august body did determine he was guilty of. Pierce Reynalt is being held for the killing of Pentarch Juedas Escott however due to the unusual and extraordinary nature of the event and acknowledging the immediate presence of Reynalt Family legal council I propose that a summary trial by council be held to determine if in fact Pierce Reynalts actions were justified.

Captain Thase Aumont, Selgaunt



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