On Distant Shores

Head Hunting

The Book and Blade, after participating in the defense of Secomber marched out with the Silver Hand Sisters and Lords Alliance soldiers to retake Loudwater. On the way the force of about 250 were constantly attacked by the Orcish horde and associated monsters. The Book and Blade themselves defeated an attacking Beholder with Ogre Mage bodyguards.

While defending the Book and Blade found evidence suggesting some type of driving organization behind the Orc’s expansion across the surface. When additional reinforcements from both Silverymoon and Mithral Hall gave them the opportunity the Silver Hand Sisters, along with Bimdle Windwalker and Lucious Barron [a.k.a. Lucien Galonadel] completed a ritual divining the obscured location of the local Orcish commander.

Teleporting there the Book and Blade soundly defeated the Orc General Vrakk only to find that their fallen enemy was in fact an illusion and that their battlefield was some mist shrouded alternate plane where they were swiftly attacked by approaching Yugoloth soldiers.



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