On Distant Shores

Fields Rising

The heroic Book and Blade have returned to an admiring city of Fields. Bolstered with confidence inspired by the martial feats of their great adventuring party the people of the Allied Cities have proposed the Lex Cretum Certo. It came as a surprise to many when the Heroes themselves spoke out against the movement. A counter movement of intellectual and philosopher senators gained strength from the support of the party.

A meeting of all the Titled took place. The first item for discussion was the prescense of Pierces sister Elena Reynalt . The ultimate desicion was one of neutrality as Elena’s father Alister Reynalt whom she was representing was not yet Overmater of Sembia. She was dismissed and the Titled took to their meeting over a lavish meal. Much of the meeting was spent, as the titled knew it would be with questions from the Book and Blade. In-between questions they discussed the construction of the Academia, political relations and ramifications of the soon to be passed Lex Cretum Certo, and the restoration of the Selos, or weaveless way of magic. The meeting ended soon after and everyone went their separate ways.

While Bimdle Windwalker and Lucious Barron spent almost all of their available time helping in the construction of Overwatch Keep and writing their magical manuals commissioned by The Mage, Herrun Bolderheft engaged with the Administration of the Black Cloaks and continuing political outreach to the Dar. Pierce Reynalt spent the majority of his time with the fledgling Blade Company and the administrative tasks of the construction of his keep. All found time to attend to minor personal tasks.

(This was GM only for awhile… my mistake.)



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