On Distant Shores

Dinner With Friends

The Book and Blade arrived in Waterdeep to participate in Governor Tarthus Marcone‘s state dinner. Each member arrived for their own reasons but found things which warranted the groups additional attention. Bimdle Windwalker along with Herrun “Blackfinger” Bolderheft investigated rumors from Inquisitor Lewis suggesting that Dimble Windwalker was somewhere in the lower districts of Waterdeep. They did indeed find the gnomish barbarian deep within the lower residential district where he seemed to be leading a quasi-arcane cult in activity focused around the iron works tower left from the The Burned Man’s attack on the city.

Lucius also found applications for his skills while in town. Spending some time dancing and performing divinitory rituals around the city he found that The Preacher and The Rider had somehow interfered in the Book and Blades original incorporation. He also caught a glimpse of two figures overseeing the removal of Book and Blade documents from the vaults of the former Waterdeep Adventurers Guild and the construction of the iron works tower by some mind shattering tentacled outsider.

Eventually however they were forced to attend the dinner but made plans to revisit the cult activity in the lower districts. While there Lucius was accosted by someone introduced as Haji Effendi who revealed a desire to ally herself with the Chief Inquisitor citing what she called a natural predilection for power.

Meanwhile Herrun and Pierce Reynalt spoke with Drane Battlehammer and Lord Ranger Trasker Selarn, both representing their respective Lords Alliance aligned cities while Bimdle ingratiated himself with the Nobles who make up most of the Government of Fields.

Lucius, along with both of his Inquisition members engaged briefly in delicate court conversation with Alustriel and Laeral Silverhand (while Storm mostly scoffed and rebuked the three) before being pulled aside by Governor Tarthus and informed that he must not leave Waterdeep without a fully formed Inquisition.

While the dinner was quietly proceeding hundreds of miles away Lorkh was falling to an Orcish horde which had already moved most of it’s bulk into the lands surrounding Loudwater. Trasker, Storm and Alustriel were informed and the trio made the decision to immediately attend the Lords Alliance towns defense. They asked for and eventually received the Book and Blades support who teleported to Secomber only to find the town under attacked by a large host of Demons.



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